Profile of ZXD Architects
Zhuxiaodi Architects (BIAD ART) founded in 2013 is adesign team that sets Zhujiaodi as the chief architect. It currently owns morethan 20 professional designers composed of senior architects with rich workingexperience and outstanding young architects at home and abroad. The Arts Centerhas rich and diverse projects and the projects designed cover urban planningand design, city complex, museum, art gallery, acting theater, school, hotel,office building, old city reconstruction, art device and industrial art designworks.

The completed Architecture works include: Encore Dunhuang, DunhuangDistribution Center, Tongliao Keerqin Celebrity Museum, Tongliao MongolianCalligraphy Hall, Yard 222 of Beijing West Grinding Plant, Yard 36 of BeijingCaochangsitiao,etc.

Projects under design include: Beijing Lize Business District D10 OfficeBuilding, Suzhou Wujiang Cheongsam Town, Greek Chinese Culture Center,Huangshan Huizhou Fang, Maiji Mountain Tourist Distribution Center, ShanxiTaiyuan Cultural Exchange Center, Beijing Wukesong Ice Sports House, HubeiBaiyin Town, Beijing Huairou Scientific City International Community, Beijing Qianmen EastRegion Overall Protection Plan, etc.

Profile of the Chief Architect ZHU Xiaodi
As the chief architect of our team, Zhuxiaodi presided over the architectural design for nearly 30 years. His interpretation of space and expression of enthusiasm came from the nature. Until now, the building has always condensed all his enthusiasm and explaining a series of architectural problems has become the contents and results of his work. He believed that a competent architect would never limit the condition of the design to the surface requirements, but rather deeply study the problems that restrict various aspects of the design. When he faces specific tasks, he does not simply start the design with his own habits of thought and point of view, but excludes these distractions and returns his ideas to the fact-based origin of thinking, thus developing a dialogue with the natural environment and the urban context.

He thought that, “In the age of globalization, the building should have the ability to reconstruct the relationship between man and the world, and man and the tradition, and the interaction between the scene and space opens up the thinking association of the inner world and forms my concept of time and space.” The present situation of China’s urban development gives me greater opportunities and challenges, and I believe that creativity comes from a keen insight. Therefore, each design is unique and closely combined with the site.”


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How to apply:
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